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One of the most popular forms of skin treatments at clinics and at home is the chemical face peel.

This simple and non-invasive procedure is effective at treating a wide range of skin conditions including improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimising acne and acne scarring and improving skin texture and skin pigmentation such as age spots an uneven skin tone.

When it comes to different kinds of facial peel Liverpool & North West has a wide variety of practitioners who are able to offer many different kinds of targeted treatments at locations throughout the city.

Gylcolic Acid Peels are one of the most popular available procedures as they have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and create a glowing radiant complexion after a minimal course of treatment.

The benefits of facial peels include immediate improvements after the first treatment, resulting in instantly younger and smoother looking skin.

They reduce fine lines and wrinkles while promoting the production of collagen, the skins natural anti aging ingredient.

Facial peels are also incredibly beneficial in the treatment of acne prone skin by not only tackling the actual spots, but also minimising any scarring or damage which has been created by the condition. Face peels can also lighten and brighten the skin, reduce the effects of sun damage and increase skins radiance even after just one treatment.

• Effective results

• Specific facial peels for specific skin conditions

• Benefit from smoother skin immediately. Generating a younger and smoother appearance

• Decline in wrinkles & fine lines

• New collagen formed - the skins building blocks.

• Blemishes smoothed & corrected

For any type of chemical peel Liverpool & North West has a good range of qualified practitioners who are able to offer targeted treatments for a wide variety of different skin problems.

With fast recovery time and expert maintenance and home care advice you can be looking your very best with just a short course of professionally administered procedures.

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