Wrinkle Relaxing for men is becoming increasingly commonplace. From Cliff Richard to David Hassellhoff, support for the treatment in the male community is such that it's recently been christened with it's own special "man name": Brotox. Brotox has risen over 40% over the past year, with up to one in five patients now male. What was once considered a procedure predominantly for women has seen a huge surge in popularity amongst men, and the reasons reflect some fascinating insights into our changing values.

The main motives for men pursuing treatment is the economy. There is evidence that suggests looking younger and healthier could enhance career prospects, particularly in industries where staff are youthful, such as advertising. Claims like job interviews are easier to navigate with the added boost of appearing younger and more energetic.

Peter Andre has gone on record to say he gets Wrinkle Relaxing annually, and Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey also pluck for the anti-wrinkle treatment so that they are camera-ready. Wrinkle Relaxing increases confidence, mood, and self-esteem, using Botulinum Toxin A on frown lines of the face, paralysing the muscles responsible for anything up to six months.

The result is a smoother, less-lined forehead, making patients look markedly younger as wrinkles "disappear". Men with jobs where stress lead to excessive sweating also seem to be turning to Wrinkle Relaxing injections to help. Those with primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis, where there is no perceptible underlying cause of sweating, like diabetes or a thyroid problem, can often find solution in Wrinkle Relaxing around the underarm area.

One of the most attractive reasonings behind Wrinkle Relaxing as an anti-aging treatment is that side effects are very mild. Some treatments can cause headaches, but most inflammation and soreness is short-lived and barely noticeable.

The chances of anyone at the office noticing that a patient has undergone treatment are very slim- most come back for repeat procedures, every four to six months, and tell us that colleagues only note that they suddenly seem brighter eyed and "fresh". Wrinkle Relaxing isn't the reserve of females anymore, and the exciting thing is that men aren't shy about admitting it.

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