Bounce Right Back

Reviv IV Treatments replenish your hydration and energy levels so you can keep going and feel your best Whether it was being out late last night, a long day at work, a cross country flight, too much exercise or out in the sun all day, life activities can drain your hydration and energy levels pretty quickly.

is our pure hydration infusion restoring your body’s hydration levels. Best suited for athletes or anyone dehydrated.

is our recovery infusion. Delivering anti-nausea medication, pain reliever, vitamin B-12 and an energy booster, this IV is best for those recovering from illness, hangovers or jet lag.

is our vitamin wellness infusion. Packed with a host of essential vitamins & minerals this infusion is best for restoring your immune system and general health wellness.

is our latest IV treatment offering. With a heavy dose of the naturally occurring anti-oxidant Glutathione, Vitaglow fights free radicals that damage your skin’s elasticity. This infusion is best suited for those seeking anti-aging benefits.
Royal Flush

is our deluxe purification infusion combining the recovery benefits of Ultraviv with the wellness benefits of Megaboost. Best suited for those feeling completely run down and physically drained.

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*Results may vary from person to person*

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