Labia Tightening/Reshaping


This revolutionary, pain-free treatment is exclusively performed by a highly qualified practitioner and utilises the latest laser technology to heat the labia at a precise level. This controlled heat works to improve microcirculation and trigger the production of new collagen and elastin to smooth out the texture and tighten loose skin on the labia.

FemiTight & Smooth is a convenient and effective non-surgical alternative for women that do not want to undergo labiaplasty surgery. It is completely pain-free, doesn’t require anaesthesia and you should only experience a warm sensation when the laser touches the skin. It is a very fast (approx. 30 minutes) treatment with zero downtime, therefore it fits perfectly into even the busiest of schedules.

We usually recommend a course of 4 treatments, spaced 1 week apart from each other, however, your Practitioner will assess the exact number of treatments you should have to achieve the best results.

Delicate Skin

FemiTight & Smooth can be a highly effective skin tightening solution especially for the delicate skin on the labia. Sagging skin on the female genital area is one of the most common intimate female concerns, therefore, don’t feel embarrassed about contacting us regarding this treatment. Call today to book yourself in for a consultation and get all your questions answered.

Summary of Femitight

  • Procedure Time 30-40 minutes
  • Back To Work Immediately
  • Anaesthetic None
  • Downtime Avoid vaginal intercourse and strenuous exercise for 1 day
  • Duration Of Results Maintenance courses may be required
  • Results Course of 4 recommended*
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