Dermal Filler Correction

More and more we are seeing clients visit the clinic for dermal filler correction after being badly administered, or by inexperienced practitioners at other practices. When filler is administered incorrectly, it can produce a lumpy, asymmetrical or overfilled appearance. At Aesthetically You, we use Enzyme to reverse and correct dermal fillers that have gone wrong.

Enzyme that can be found naturally in human body. It causes the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid used in fillers. Injections of Enzyme dissolve the unwanted filler, reversing the effects and allowing corrections to take place.

All of our injectable treatments are administered by highly experienced Advanced Nurse Prescribers, ensuring the quality and safety of your results. Once an area has been corrected and settled, after 14 days we can then refill correctly.

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**DISCLAIMER Patient experience and results may vary. These are dependent
on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age and medical history.

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